Seals for bottles: How tamper-evident seals affect your products

seals for bottles

Marketing products sealed with a tamper-evident seal is an added plus when it comes to assessing the quality of any item, but it is even more important in the case of food and beverages. Ensuring the hygiene and wholesomeness of a soft drink or can of any kind involves the use of tamper-evident seals such as seals for bottles.

We are used to all the containers we see in the market covering their openings with different seals and packaging. The important thing about these elements is that they provide us with the security and guarantee of the company in question and that their content is intact.

We know that this type of accessory is essential to give a professional finish to the containers, so that they are perfectly closed. In addition, some types have a side ripper that gives us a better opening of the security seal.

All the products that use this security sealing system, offer a resistant system that prevents the opening of the products in the supermarket shelf.

We have already spoken on many occasions of the advantages and versatility that labels bring to our packaging. In addition, their use is becoming more and more common because the shape and material of the product are key factors in deciding which type of label will suit it best.

This article will discuss the benefits of including tamper-evident labels on your packaging.

The importance of tamper-evident seals

First of all, tamper-evident seals are one of the most highly regarded security seals because of their strength and reliability. It is a sealing system that is manufactured with extremely resistant materials, so it is impossible for them to break during the commercialization of the product.

Secondly, in spite of their resistance, security seals such as seals for bottles have the advantage of being manufactured with micro-perforations, which facilitates the opening when the product is going to be used once it has been purchased.

How tamper-evident seals influence your products

Thirdly, another great advantage of security seals is that they can be manufactured with transparent materials, although they can also have a print related to the brand and the product. In this way, you get an added space to enhance product promotion and marketing. Therefore, they can be a good investment for the brand.

And finally, it should be noted that tamper-evident seals can be used on many types of packaging, from water bottles to soft drink cans to ensure hygiene. They are also commonly used on cleaning product bottles.

What your customers want

Consumers value the importance of a tamper-evident seal when choosing a product from among the many of the same type on the supermarket shelf. This small element ensures that no one has tampered with the contents of the package prior to purchase, which is essential to guarantee that it has not been contaminated or tampered with.


What are they used for? The applications include an infinite number of sectors, although the most common ones we can find in the market are bottles (water, soft drinks and derivatives), soft drink cans to ensure the hygiene of those who drink them, or any other type of container or can, such as cleaning products, shower gels, etc.

What do professional companies offer?

As a professional company in the sector, they offer security seals that prevent the opening of the products, offering customers greater confidence and security. 

In addition, we also offer you the possibility of perforating them to make them easy to open; in the same way, they can be transparent or printed to integrate with the whole product and leave extra space for promotion… 

In other words, we bring to your products all the benefits that we have told you about the security seals for seals for bottles.

Although many organizations lower the quality of their products in an effort to find better prices without losing profit, for us the first thing is the satisfaction of our customers. We do not take the risk of suffering the consequences of using poor quality material. We face the challenge of providing your products with what they need with high quality standards and at competitive prices.